Unleash Your Creativity

Unleash Your Creativity: Four Reasons Why You Should Study Creative Courses With Us

11 April 2022

Whilst studying for your GCSEs, you may have thought maybe once or twice: ‘this just isn’t for me’. And that’s okay. When deciding what’s next after school, why not think outside of the box a little, and choose to study a course that fills you with excitement, inspiration and individuality? We want to help you discover your craft in either Art and Design, Media and Photography or Performing Arts. These may be subjects you’ve never tried before – so read ahead, as we lay out four reasons why you should tap into your imagination and study a creative course with us. 


 1. Future Careers Opportunities

Did you know that the creative industries are the fastest-growing economic sector in the UK? That’s right, imagination, individuality and originality are all extremely valuable skills.

Every single day we are influenced by creativity, whether it be in public or at home, physically or virtually. For example, take a look at Instagram – as you’re scrolling through you’ll notice all of the images have been taken at hundreds of different angles in masses of different lighting. People’s creativity goes into every shot you see, allowing them to express themselves in a way that they want themselves to be perceived. If this intrigues you, a course in Media and Photography, or Art and Design could be right up your street.

If you relish being in the spotlight, being the main character and entertaining others whilst feeling that buzz of adrenaline running through your veins, studying Performing Arts at Rotherham College could be perfect for you. 

From acting to singing to dancing – hear the crowd roar as you let your creative juices flow in our state-of-the-art performance hall at Rotherham College. 


2. Personal Development

Studying a creative subject allows you to express yourself and follow your own initiative. You set your own agenda and make your own decisions when it comes to your work, unlike other classroom-based courses. You are encouraged to let your ideas and passions flow with us. For example whilst studying Performing Arts, you may have to produce a performance as a group – this means working collectively and directing each other in order to achieve as a team. Believe it or not, but in many different settings, this is incredibly realistic in the world of work, meaning the skills you learn with us will set you up for success in the future. 

The Art and Design course is centred around channelling your creativity into practical, industry-required skills. You’ll do this in our Art and Design studios which contain a 3D workshop, a ceramics and kiln room, a Mac room and a textiles studio. You’ll also make great friends through working in teams on campus and gain expert advice from our industry-experienced tutors. 


3. Fewer Exams

Let’s face it, nobody likes exams. Creative courses with us are all mainly coursework based, meaning that your ongoing projects add up to make a percentage of your final grade, instead of it depending on one exam. 

Coursework also enables you to develop crucial skills for university and the world of work, as you will learn to manage your time, how to prioritise certain aspects of work and increase your focus with an impending deadline. 

Also, our brilliant, industry experienced tutors will be there for support every step of the way. They’ll encourage learning and will help you to develop a range of new skills. 

Our Art and Design courses allow you to put your own spin on your studies, allowing you to make every assessment piece your own.


4. Art Makes People Happy

Let’s face it, nothing really compares to that burst of pride you feel after you’ve finally completed that painting, finished writing that song, or just performed pitch-perfectly in front of an audience. The bottom line is, art is good for the soul. It helps you find the beauty in everyday life, allowing the most mundane objects and items to inspire innovation and most of all creativity. 

Remember, it’s your future. You decide what to study, not your friends or your parents. So, take the plunge, and unleash your creativity by studying with us. You won’t regret it.   


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