Soar to success with this brand new course with two pathways including Flight and Aviation Operations at Rotherham College.

The aviation sector plays a key role in the UK economy, contributing around c£80 billion each year. The aviation industry has grown significantly since 2008, Brexit and post pandemic is seeing a huge upturn in travel, airport tourism and hospitality and therefore a huge requirement to increase the workforce. It employs around c200,000 people and offers career openings in a range of areas, including aircraft handling, aircraft movement, flight operations and passenger services. The aviation sector is key to creating and supporting global connectivity for people, goods and services in all sectors, it is particularly significant in creating the infrastructure for inward and outward tourism, which is c£34 billion.

This programme focuses on two pathways, firstly the flight elements of aviation and working within the airline industry and secondly within Aviation Operations.

In the first pathway, students will develop a broad knowledge of the aviation industry and develop the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to work within a variety of careers within the sector.

In the second pathway, students will gain an in depth knowledge of the day to day operation of aviation facilities and the aviation sector. Students will develop leadership skills, operational skills and an understanding of aviation terminology.

Students will develop the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours which will enable them to progress in to an exciting aviation career.

The unique part of this programme is that students will have access to a working airfield, learn from industry based staff and have the opportunity to take off on one of our flight experiences and fly a real plane.