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Apprenticeships consist of a real job alongside training


An apprenticeship is the opportunity to receive education, on the job training and work experience all at the same time.  They are open to anyone over the age of 16.

As an apprentice, you will be employed in a role within an industry sector of your choice and therefore will be paid for your work, as well as have a contract of employment and all employee rights such as paid annual leave.

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What our students say

“I get to learn new skills that will help me get a job doing something I enjoy.”

Photo of Alexei Johnson
Alexei Johnson Level 2 Bricklaying, former student at Wingfield Academy

“My favourite part of college is the hands-on, practical learning and the staff make it a great environment to be in.”

Photo of Sharoz Hussain
Sharoz Hussain Entry Level 1 Joinery, former student at Oakwood High School
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