Esport is one of the fastest growing sectors of the digital economy. This highly innovative industry is creating specialist job roles within all business functions, bringing together competitive gaming, business, marketing, broadcasting, sport and events management, as well as other support functions.

Therefore if you have a passion for gaming, there is a very wide variety of roles that you could undertake to be part of this industry, far beyond just becoming a professional gamer or developer. The work is often challenging and deadlines are critical, but there are some very attractive packages available, particularly if you work for one of the bigger companies.  

Related industries you may also be interested in

  • Games Animation
  • Computing/IT

Skills required

  • Passion for gaming
  • Digital skills
  • Interest in related specialism

Example career options

  • Professional Gamer
  • Events Manager
  • Journalist/Content Creator
  • Marketing/PR Executive
  • Developer