Planting trees at DVC

RNN Group’s Sustainable Tree Planting

26 March 2024

Last month our sustainability team planned and delivered a tree planting day at our Dearne Valley College campus. A large mixture of students and staff participated in the day and planted an amazing number of trees.

The initiative was to help create a wildlife corridor to help the surrounding nature at Dearne Valley College. As a campus that is surrounded by a large amount of land, the creation of this wildlife corridor was created to bridge the gap between habitats to help the wildlife thrive and benefit the animals from insects to rodents and larger animals.

The Conservation Volunteers donated to this cause, over 950 tree stems as well as guards and cane to help support with this project. We have planted a mixture of beech, hawthorn, elderberry, crabapples, elder, hazel and silver birch to create what we are calling our Willow Walk.

Students and staff from across Dearne Valley College and Rotherham College came to participate in this, the students were able to learn and understand why we are creating it and what benefits the surrounding area will see.

We have support from the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust to help us on this project.

Many thanks to all our students, staff and visitors for participating.

Read more about sustainabilty at the RNN Group.

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