Staying Sane, Healthy and Entertained through Coronavirus Lockdown

Staying Sane, Healthy and Entertained through Coronavirus Lockdown

1 April 2020

While each of us does our bit in helping slow the spread of Coronavirus, there’s no denying a change of routine can be tough. Studying from home might take some getting used to so, to help with the adjustment, we’ve collated a few resources we hope you find useful in keeping your minds and bodies active in these unprecedented times.

Front row seats

In ‘normal’ life, many of us dream of having more time to enjoy the things we love.  If music, theatre and singing is your passion, you can spend some of your newly available time indulging ‘til your heart’s content in gigs, theatre shows and getting musical from the comfort of your home.

Many artists are taking their shows online to share some musical joy during these trying times. Watch your favourite artists and keep up to date with upcoming live music performances. 

Have you ever dreamed of how many Broadway shows you could watch in seven days? Well now’s the time to find out – stream the best Broadway shows completely free with BroadwayHD’s seven-day trial.

To enjoy your favourite West End shows head to National Theatre – they will be streaming a free show on their YouTube channel every Thursday from the 2nd April.

Warm-up your vocal cords and get ready to channel your inner Mariah with Duet Yourself, a virtual community choir and a safe space for people to come together and enjoy singing.

Fully cultured

Get a taste of art and history without leaving your sofa…

For some art and cultural education explore Egyptian antiquities, art exhibitions and galleries with a virtual tour of the Louvre in France.

Explore the New Seven Wonders of the World including the Taj Mahal, Macchu Pichu and the Great Wall of China or take a guided tour around ancient Rome with expert Dr Matthew Nicholls and his, award-winning 3D digital model of the city. Explore Rome’s architecture, find out what Romans ate and how they worshipped their gods in this short course (five weeks, three hours a week).

Looking for something cultural but not quite sure what? Go to which is brimming with museum and art gallery tours, cultural experiments, recommended books and everything in between.

Learn something new

Explore your interests or discover something totally new. The world is your oyster with hundreds of free online courses.
Learn about the agricultural industry and how its changing, psychology and mental health, the key concepts of screenwriting and everything in-between with a flexible online course. Visit FutureLearn and Open Culture.

Try your hand at a new craft – you never know, you might find yourself with an Etsy side-business.

At one with nature

Our time outdoors may be limited, but you can still get a much-needed nature fix.

The relationship between animals and humans is a hotly debated topic. This podcast series offers a crash-course in the field of biogeography, animal welfare, land ethics, endangered species, a career in the industry and much more.

You might not be able to spend time outside as you usually would, but if you do have a garden now is the time to make the most of it. Find out what you can do in your garden to help wildlife.

Soap operas can provide welcome escapism for daily life. Whilst filming for EastEnders has been postponed, you can check out the daily drama of penguin life at the Edinburgh Zoo.

Keep zen

These uncertain times can feel a little scary, and feelings of panic and anxiety are understandable. As well as eating well and exercising, make sure you find time for some space and kindness for yourself.

The Headspace app has a free section called Weathering The Storm. It includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises designed to help guide you through these tough times.

If you’re feeling some tension, try a few deep breaths for instant stress relief. Take time out to breathe – properly – with this free three-minute breathing podcast.

If you’re looking for specific advice on how to deal with Coronavirus anxiety this blog by psychotherapist Anna Mathur is well worth a read.

There’s also Smiling Mind app, which is designed specifically for young people and features a dedicated resources page for dealing with Coronavirus stress.

If you’re one of our learners and would like to speak to someone about how you’re feeling, you can contact your safeguarding team confidentially on

Rotherham College is also partnering up with Big White Wall to provide our staff and learners with a channel for 24/7 mental health support.

Stay active

While you’re no longer able go to the gym or play your favourite team sport, making a conscious effort to do some form of physical activity will help to boost your mood and energy levels.

Get some fresh air (while sticking to government social distancing guidelines) and go for a walk, run or bike ride. If you’re unsure where to start, try out Strava’s route mapper.

Prefer working out at home? Why not try one of the following later in the day:

Several apps have waived their subscription fees so anyone who wants to practice at home can do so free of charge.

Down Dog has Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout – completely free until April 1st.

We hope you find the above resources useful and would love to hear about any others we should know about, so let us know by messaging us via social media.

Most importantly, stay safe and healthy and look out for yourself, each other, friends and family.

*Please note, the College does not endorse any of these links, we have just listed a few in one simple place for your leisure.

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