One of Our Own: Former Bricklaying Student Offers Bricklaying Apprenticeships to Future Generations

16 February 2022

A Rotherham College Bricklaying apprentice has secured an apprenticeship with a former student, who started his own bricklaying company after completing his qualification.

Brogan Smith is an apprentice on the Level 2 NVQ Brickwork Apprenticeship, where he studies one day a week at the College’s Construction Centre. Having completed his Level 1 Bricklaying course at Rotherham College, where he gained an understanding of the key principles and theory needed within the trade, Brogan progressed onto Level 2.

On the Level 2 course, Rotherham College invites employers in to interview students who could potentially become apprentices. Brogan was selected for an apprenticeship with former student Joseph Hoden, who has since gone on to set up JMH Construction. Joseph also did his NVQ Brickwork Level 2 and wanted to take on learners from the same staff that taught him to continue the knowledge cycle.

He said: ‘’Being an apprentice allows me to understand the theory taught at College in an applied sense, and I can use my knowledge to develop my practical skills.

‘’I am tasked with loading bricks out, preparing them and then laying them. At College, we learn the theory behind this such as checking the measurements of the brick to make sure the job is done successfully. Being able to learn in the classroom as well as going out and experiencing practical tasks helps me to understand how everything fits together.

‘’I am thankful to Rotherham College for inviting employers in so that I could become an apprentice.’’

Joe Wilde, Lecturer in Construction, taught Brogan during his time at Rotherham College whilst undertaking his Level 1 course and now teaches him on the Level 2 NVQ Brickwork Apprenticeship. He spoke about how apprenticeships are filled with amazing opportunities, such as meeting and working with employers like former apprentice, Joseph.

He said: ‘’Seeing a current student become an apprentice for a former student, who has since gone on to develop their own bricklaying company, is fantastic. It shows how studying from Level 1 can develop to an apprenticeship, where you will develop an understanding of the workplace, whilst still learning the theory.

‘’Becoming an apprentice allowed Joseph to have a career as a fully qualified bricklayer, which has enabled him to provide an opportunity to others within the industry.’’

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