Where Can Technical Courses Take Me?

Blog: Secure Your Dream Career with a Technical Course

21 August 2020

Choice: it’s one of life’s great joys, isn’t it? From the moment we wake up the fortunate amongst us get to choose what we wear, what we’re going to eat, drink, read, watch and listen to that day – aren’t we lucky? When faced with too much choice though, our brains can become overwhelmed and enter decision paralysis. Ever found yourself in Starbucks in a hot panic, frozen, unable to decide what to have? What will it be? Frappuccino, cold brew, or espresso; short, tall, grande or venti; any syrup with that; shortbread or biscotti? Help! Yes, you’ve suffered from decision paralysis and most likely gone for a panic purchase.

Avoiding a scalding gingerbread latte on a hot sunny day is one thing – it might ruin your morning, but life will go on – but there are more important things to worry about: your future. Naturally, you want it to be the best it can be, but knowing how to get there can be tough.

We’re going to take a look at how to find your ideal career path and discuss technical courses, which could help you get to exactly where you want to be (even if you don’t quite know it yet).

Finding your passion

As the saying goes: ‘Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’

Taking some time to figure out what you enjoy and what you’re good at could pay dividends in the future. If you haven’t got your heart set on a particular career yet, why not try writing a list of your personal attributes and what you enjoy doing in your spare time? Perhaps you’re outgoing and love being around people; or you’re more of an introvert and prefer to get on with tasks without the distraction of others – or somewhere in between. You might get a buzz out of helping others, love being creative or are fascinated with food, fashion, music or technology.

Completing a self-assessment can reveal things you didn’t realise before and steer you onto a path you hadn’t previously considered. If you need further help or advice, we have a whole team of people who can help discuss your options with you.

Identify your learning style

Do you enjoy learning by ‘doing’? If so, a technical qualification could be for you. As well as learning the theoretical knowledge needed for your chosen career, you also will gain hands-on experience, which shows employers that you’ve already got a valuable insight into working in an environment like theirs, which will help you gain a head start in your career.

Former student Chris Harcombe studied a Level 3 course in Travel and Tourism and is now the Aviation Development Director for Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Chris said: “The Travel and Tourism course really gave me a phenomenal understanding of the basics of the industry and it really set me up for my future. The course gives you the opportunity to go on residentials but also to go out on work placements and learn more about how the industry operates.”

Learn from the experts

Technical courses are often taught by people who have real-world experience of working in the areas they teach.

Rotherham College’s talented team of tutors have a wealth of expert knowledge in their fields and bring a breadth of experience to their teaching and are passionate about their students’ development and achievements.

Former Rotherham College student Laura Judge studied Performing Arts Level 3: Musical Theatre and has since built an impressive career as an actress, as well as teaching drama for a casting agency and launching her own theatre and education company, Double Take Theatre in Education.

Laura said: “The thing I enjoyed most about my course was the practical work and being taught by really inspirational tutors. Rotherham College has great links with the industry and I got great tuition and help and advice in preparing for auditions.”

Excel with relevant work experience

In college you’ll often learn in dedicated environments, which are similar to what you would find in the ‘real’ working world.

We have an in-house theatre, a commercial training restaurant, a commercial on-site training hair and beauty salon, a construction centre, art and design studios and much more.

Learning in these environments will help you craft your skills, build confidence in your ability and also means you will be using industry-standard equipment, which will help you prepare for your chosen career.

We hope the above helps steer you onto the right path and understand a bit more about how a technical course could help you reach your personal and professional aims.

If you’d like to discuss your options with us call us on 01709 362111, or view the full range of courses we offer.

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