Fashion students created statement fashion pieces out of bin liners for an event supporting local foster children

Fashion Students Get Involved with Children in Care Campaign

3 April 2018

Fashion students at Rotherham College supported Looked After Children’s Council (LAC) “Bin Liners are NOT suitcases” campaign, by creating statement fashion pieces out of bin liners for an event involving local foster children.

The campaign has been created by LAC Council to celebrate making it illegal to provide a child with a bin bag to move their belongings when moving foster homes. Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) has now recognised this new policy, and the use of bin liners for moving young people’s personal belongings has been banned.

This campaign developed in Rotherham is the first of its kind, as well as the first campaign in the country to make the use of bin bags against the law.

Katrina Mcalister, Rotherham College Lecturer of Fashion said, “I feel that it is a very important and current issue for young people in care to no longer have to face – hopefully this campaign and our contribution to the event will be a catalyst for other boroughs to follow suit.”

The pieces created by Fashion students are now displayed at Rotherham College in the Eastwood building reception area.

Lisa Du-Valle, Voice, Influence & Participation Lead at LAC Council said, “Rotherham College students must be very proud of their work, and the fashion show is something that our young people won’t forget in a long time. LAC Council have a conference in Leeds in May to talk about our ‘Bin Liner Campaign’ and the resulting changes in Practice & Policy in Rotherham, as well as the celebration event put together by Rotherham College staff and students; so these fabulous designs will continue to be enjoyed for some time to come.”

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