A student flying a plane on our aviation course

Taking Flight: One Month into Launching the Aviation Course

18 October 2023

It has been an exciting and transformative month for Rotherham College since the launch of the Aviation course. This exciting new programme has captured the imagination of aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts, offering them a unique opportunity to take their dreams to new heights.

The Aviation course at Rotherham College was introduced with the intent of providing a platform for students to pursue their dreams in the aviation industry. The programme aims to cater to a diverse range of interests and career goals, with the choice of two pathways. Learners have been developing their knowledge and deeper understanding of the aviation industry as well as gaining practical experience, receiving the opportunity of flying a real plane.

A student flying a plane on our aviation course

When asked about their experience during the beginning of the course, Leo Worthington, a current aviation student, said:

“Coming from a person that wants a wider range of knowledge on the aviation industry and wants to be a pilot in particular, the course content and the flight experiences make the course perfect for me.”

Teigan-Li Fagan, another learner studying aviation, said:

“I joined this course because I love the aviation industry. I find it very interesting and fascinating. I am always ready to learn, and learning all about the security side of aviation has taught me so much more and opened my eyes to why security is so important. I have also had two flying lessons which have taught me how different controls work, what they are for and what will happen if you use too much of one control. I am so enthusiastic about planes and cannot wait to pursue more opportunities in the industry.”

A student flying a plane on our aviation course

One of the standout features of the Aviation course at Rotherham College is its dedicated and experienced faculty. The tutors possess a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in the aviation industry, allowing them to provide invaluable insights to their students.

Emma White, tutor of the Aviation course, said:

I have worked in the Aviation industry pre-Covid and during Covid, during which I saw a significant number of changes. To be able to pass my knowledge, skills and behaviours onto learners for them to experience what the aviation industry is like is absolutely amazing. The learners are very enthusiastic about the industry and I hope they fly into the future.”

One month since its launch, the Aviation course at Rotherham College has not only taken off but is soaring to new heights. With the support of dedicated tutors and the commitment of students, Rotherham College’s aviation course is a shining example of how education can help dreams take flight.

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