RNN Group apprentice Nathan Knowles

RNN Group Apprentice up for a HiP Award

8 February 2023

RNN Group apprentice Nathan Knowles is an entrant in the HiP magazine Learner of the Year competition for the Midlands to be held at Stephenson College, Coalville, Leicester on the 16th of February.

RNN Group apprentice Nathan Knowles

HiP Magazine is the magazine for plumbing and heating students and apprentices and holds an annual event with regional heats to showcase winners for each region. Over the last 3 weeks Nathan who is learning his trade in the Plumbing department at Rotherham College and doing his on the job training at Equans, has been practising against last year’s Competition final drawings and has recently supported our Rotherham College Open event to showcase the plumbing facilities and talk about the Apprentice role.

We caught up with Nathan to ask him a few questions in advance of the competition next week:

Q – So Nathan, how long have you been an apprentice?

A – I have been an apprentice at Rotherham College for 16 months and work with Rotherham Borough Service Providers Equans.

Q – What do you enjoy most about being a plumbing apprentice?

A – I really enjoy learning from the tutors that all have a wide range of on-site experience, and being able to learn new skills and practice these in the workshop.

Q – Congratulations on being an enrant in the HiP Magazine, Learner of the Year competition! How do you feel about this accolade?

A – I feel honoured to have even been nominated to represent the College

Q – What does the competition on 16th February entail?

A – I will have to follow a detailed drawing, measuring accurately, and produce work to industry standards using industry practices.

Q – What is your ambition once you complete your apprenticeship?

A – To carry on working closely with Equans and the local council, progressing my knowledge and skills along the way. If an opportunity arises for promotion, I will closely consider it, or the possibility of going self-employed would be great too.

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