Local MP Sarah Champion, talking to Performing Arts students

Local MP talks politics with Performing Arts students

8 May 2018

Local MP Sarah Champion, an advocate for human rights and the arts visited Rotherham College to speak with students from Performing Arts about current politics, employment and her passion for the creative arts.

Students were invited to ask questions and voice opinions on the current state of the local economy, gender equality and cuts to the performing arts industry across the country. Discussions also progressed surrounding the arts and the impact it has on our cultural status as a country, as well the path of becoming a local counsellor.

Sarah Champion, a politician for the Labour party, said, “You have a voice that is as valuable as everyone else’s, and it is your duty to use it. The creative arts is fundamental to the UK, and if like myself you come from an arts background, I feel this experience is crucial for creating a diverse government that this country so strongly needs.”


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