Health is Wealth: Personal Trainer Lucy Walton hosts guest talk with Catering Students

25 May 2022

Fitness and nutrition specialist Lucy Walton recently hosted an online guest talk with Rotherham College’s Catering and Hospitality Level 1 and 2 students.

Lucy has over 14 years of experience working in the sports industry as a qualified personal trainer, sports massage therapist and a bodybuilder. Her mantra is to inspire people to “escape yo-yo fad diets to create lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes that unlock unshakeable levels of body confidence that lasts a lifetime.”

During her talk, Lucy spoke in depth about healthy diets, and specifically highlighted how carbohydrates and micronutrients in different foods can affect the body in many different ways. 

Lucy showed the students the TDEE calculator, which allowed the students to explore different ideal calorie intakes based on a person’s height, weight and amount of exercise they do. Lucy then explained the different types of carbohydrates, (moderate carb, lower carb and higher carb) to indicate the amount of healthy protein, fats and carbs people should be eating based on their lifestyle.

Catering and Hospitality Curriculum Team Leader Tracy Black said:

“This talk helped students to understand what is in the food that they are eating and making in College. Lucy was brilliant, and helped them to realise that healthy, balanced eating is incredibly important in a world that is filled with fatty and sugary foods. Guest talks like these are a fantastic way to engage and inspire our students.”

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