Get Up To Speed event at Magna

Get Up To Speed Event at Magna

25 April 2017

Anyone with at least a vague interest for engineering, manufacturing and technology cannot afford to miss out on the Get Up To Speed event being held at Magna on Wednesday 26th April. From 9.30am until 5.00pm, there will be a whole host of activities taking place to promote careers within the engineering industry.

Some of the highlights of the day include demonstrations of the inner workings of engines, the showcase of a car body panel being repaired at different stages of damage and an 8ft long drag race bike accompanied with a Guess the Top Speed competition. There will be plenty of exhibitions exploring the industry in a stimulating, fun and interactive way.

We’ll be attending the event to endorse all of the courses and apprenticeships we have to offer across Rotherham College, North Notts College and Dearne Valley College within the field of engineering. There will also be the invaluable opportunity to speak to representatives from the National Fluid Power Centre who will be providing information on their courses and training available in Integrated Systems Engineering.

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