Staff and students at the Google partnership launch.

Google Education and C-Learning Partners with Rotherham College

5 September 2019

The sky’s the limit for students and staff at Rotherham College after the announcement of a new partnership with global technology firms Google Education and C-Learning.
Rotherham College students and staff will soon benefit from unlimited cloud storage, seamless video communications, world-leading artificial intelligence and access to college resources on any device from any location.
Rotherham College will be able to fully prepare its learners for the modern digital workplace after moving to the Google GSuite for Education platform.
Working as part of an ‘FE Future Colleges Programme’, Rotherham College academic staff will be using the latest leading technologies from Google to aid teaching. As part of RNN Group, the College is aiming for ‘Google Reference College’ status, recognising it as a leading education provider in the use of innovative learning technologies.
RNN Group CEO and Principal Jason Austin attended the partnership launch.
He said: “It’s important that the learning experience enables work readiness, and that means providing digital skills as a core element of this vision for today’s rapidly evolving workplace.
“We will be adopting a cloud-first approach to our systems and enabling our staff to make the most of this through a sustained workforce development programme so everyone can benefit and use these tools with confidence.”
Executive Chairman of Google Premier Education Partner C-Learning, Jamie Smith, provided a keynote speech to RNN Group staff on the benefits of GSuite at the launch event.
He said: “By harnessing the power of cloud technology designed for education, Rotherham College will be implementing technologies that transforms teaching and learning and widens access and inclusion for learners who need a more personalised learning experience.
“This future-facing technology will equip them with the tools to make the most of the digitally connected world we are in. We look forward to sharing the impact of this journey with the wider sector as Rotherham College achieves their vision.”


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