• Be prepared for the world of work
  • Develop your independence skills
  • Enhance your social skills

We offer a range of CERTA qualifications which support employability and independent living skills alongside maths and English.

Our employability courses offer you the opportunity to work within a range of vocational areas linked to industry and this work related experience supports you to gain new skills that will promote a higher level of independence and are directly related to employability.

Courses and Apprenticeships available in:

  • Skills for Independent Living in the Community
  • Skills for Independent Living in the Home
  • Using Employability Skills through Performing Arts
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We will make sure that you are on the right course for your ability and aspirations and make sure that you have the support that you need to succeed.

We work with other agencies to develop work experience opportunities.

You can mix with a lot of people the same age as you.

You will have access to vocational area resources as well as all the College facilities including the lively refectories, including a snooker table and the Wii, the Library and sporting activities.


Following the Foundation Learning/Futures
route you could be:
  • Gardener
  • Office Assistant
  • Catering Assistant
  • Community Work

Higher Education Courses
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“Definitely go for it.  It’s a great experience and it opens many doors.”

Rebecca Carpenter
Access to Higher Education: Humanities

Rebecca is now studying at Sheffield Hallam University doing regular placements in schools. After she has completed her degree she will have received her qualified teacher status and will be looking for a permanent position as a teacher in a school.

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