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Level 3 Engineering Student Kayla is Awarded a Place at Imperial College, London

10 April 2024

Rotherham College Student, Kayla, has been accepted at Imperial College London to study Biomedical Engineering in September. We were so impressed that we decided to interview her to find out more!

What GCSEs did you do and what school did you attend?

“I did Maths, English Literature and Language, Double Science and Spanish for my GCSEs at Wales High School.”

Kayla - Engineering Level 3

What sparked your love of engineering?

“When looking at any different products like notebooks to microwaves, I’ve always wondered how they were made and how they got to the end result that we see.”

What course are you currently doing at Rotherham College?

“I’m currently doing a BTEC Level 3 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering course at Rotherham College.”

What is so good about this course?

“This course is good because of its variety in learning about different sectors of engineering like health and safety, programming or electronics.”

Why Imperial College and why Biomedical Engineering?

“I’ve always admired Imperial College for its culture, especially its science and engineering departments, in which they are one of the leading institutions in Europe. Also to be able to graduate from prestigious university like Imperial College, would almost certainly guarantee me a high paying job and career.”

What are you most looking forward to when you start your course in September at Imperial?

“I’m most looking forward to moving to a new city since I’ve been in Rotherham for my whole life; it’d be nice to have a change of scenery and I’d like to experience southern culture. I wonder if it’s different to ours!”

What advice would you give any young girl today considering engineering?

“I would tell any girl considering engineering to do it without any apprehension about it being a masculine vocation, since we live in a society where masculinity is the default, simply being a girl, no matter how one presents themselves, is a credit to femininity itself.”

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