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Baking Up Success – Professional Cookery Students Take Part in Cake Masterclass

3 May 2019

Rotherham College Level 1 and 2 Professional Cookery students have been getting their hands covered making double-layered cakes in an exciting cake masterclass.

The masterclass, hosted by Greeneking, saw Greeneking Chef David Hurst and School and College Engagement Officer Carly Roberts guide the Rotherham College students in replicating their famed ‘Marz Attack’ chocolate special.

Carly said: “I’ve been impressed by the students here; from the beginning of our Chef’s demonstration everybody has been paying close attention to the step-by-step detail of making our cake. They’ve all been very engaged with replicating this process themselves and producing some outstanding cakes. For us, following specification is very important so I’m happy to see these students do such a spectacular job in reproducing a cake on their first try.

“Their approach today shows their potential. The thing that sets you apart in the workplace is your personality, because all of these skills can be taught but personality can’t.”

Rotherham College Level 2 Professional Cookery students Ryan Ablewhite and Declan Kelso took part in the masterclass and hope to soon start their work experience placement with Greeneking.

Ryan said: “I’ve had to carve the pieces of cake sponge, apply the layers of sponge and filling right and make the topping.

“This is fast-paced, but I find it relaxing. It’s something I really like getting stuck into.”

Declan added: “I enjoy everything about this; I’ve been into cooking as long as I remember. When I was younger and smaller my mum used to let me up on a stool by in the kitchen and help out with family meals.”

Whilst waiting for their cakes to set, Ryan and Declan gave advice to anyone thinking about studying Professional Cookery.

Ryan said: “To be successful in this environment you need to be specific with your measuring and have good time management. Everything is to do with time, you can’t really cut corners so every step has to meet its’ own little deadline.

“This workshop has shown me that there’s a lot happening close by that I can be a part of to gain work experience in – it’s exciting.”

Declan added: “To hit the mark with making a great dish, you’ve got to have good time management skills to make sure all the pieces of a plate are cooked and prepared just right.

“My advice for young people would be to focus on what they want to do and not what others want them to do. Do what you love.”

Rotherham College Chef Lecturer Jackie McFarlane helped supervise her students during the masterclass.

Jackie said: “These workshops help show our students that they can do what’s required of them in a catering workplace. Realising what they make is to a standard to be sold encourages them to work towards getting their foot in the door.”

Carly added: “These students are the next generation of workers in the Catering and Hospitality sector. There are opportunities for them on their doorstep; and as a large business, we are always looking for chefs.

“There are a variety of career pathways in this sector, the opportunities really are endless.”

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