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Blog: Great Grub From Around the World

16 October 2019

As a nation, we’re known for having some weird eating habits. What is our fascination with pouring things like spaghetti and beans on toast? Why do we think chips is an essential side-dish to a Chinese takeaway? How come we all know someone who drinks tea out of a Sports Direct mug?

Maybe it’s time we broaden our dietary horizon. In this foodie feature, let’s take a look at some of the weird and wonderful food from around the world!

Australia – Fairy Bread

Do you like sugar? Do you like bread? Look no further! The Aussies have come up with an ingenious delicacy. To make Fairy Bread, simply take a slice of bread, lightly butter it and then pour as many hundreds-and-thousands sprinkles on as you like – they stick to the butter making your new sugary snack a colourful treat! (No fairies were harmed in the making of this).

Canada – Poutine

Like us, the Canadians appreciate chips – but they’ve taken our national obsession with the humble chip to monstrously amazing new levels. Poutine is a dish involving chips topped in cheese curds and thick gravy. You’ll never look at chips the same way.

Georgia – Khachapuri

Think of a thick pie with an open top. Now fill it with molten cheese. Then tear pieces of the thick pie wall away and dip them into the gooey goodness. That’s Khachapuri. That’s a real thing that exists. Amazing.

Morocco – Tagine

Hint: It’s nothing to do with tangerines.

So what is it? A slow-cooked stew with chicken, vegetables, and a thick rich broth. Use bread to dip bits of the chicken in the broth and scoop up the veg.

Philippines – Banana Cue

Super easy and super fun to make, Banana Cues are golden fried brown sugar sticky bananas. Just add brown sugar to oil in a pan on medium heat, wait until the sugar starts to caramelize and then put the bananas in there and fry until covered with the sticky brown sugar and a golden colour. Drain on a kitchen roll and serve on small skewers!

Hong Kong – Egg Waffle

Egg Waffles are a delicious sweet treat popular in Hong Kong and Macau. With crisp edges and a soft middle, egg waffles are often served with fruit and ice cream.

Turkey – Baklava

This is one to drool over. Like, seriously drool over. A Turkish delight (pun intended), this tasty treat is a nutty, syrupy, pastry dessert often coated in decorative green pistachios. This addictive little gem should always be eaten fresh! Disclaimer: Do not try eating Baklava in a balaclava. That would be silly.

Israel  – Shakshuka

Also known as one of the greatest poached egg dishes there ever was, shakshuka is a colourful and healthy dish best made from Israel. Best made for sharing, this plate is easy to make and involves simply bunging some cut up peppers, garlic, tomato sauce, chickpeas, herbs and pepper in a pan. Once these all soften a bit, make a few holes in your food and add the eggs! Bonus: Looks great on Instagram.

One last thing!

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