Sarah Champion MP with Keith Sanderson Director of Campus at Rotherham College

RNN Group Celebrates UK Parliament Week and welcomes Sarah Champion MP

14 November 2023

RNN Group – made up of Rotherham College, North Notts College, Dearne Valley College and University Centre Rotherham – celebrated UK Parliament last week with a variety of events and activities focusing on giving learners a voice.

Throughout the week, Students got involved in debates and putting forward questions on what the future of education should look like.

Rotherham College learners were given the opportunity to enjoy two special events from people representing key areas of our political system. Representatives from the local Civil Service came along to talk about career opportunities for learners in a talk entitled, “Civil Service Careers:  Supporting Government. Providing Continuity. Developing & Implementing Policy”. With 10 key areas of policy located in Sheffield, the vision is to develop Sheffield as a leading policy hub outside of London and promote the civil service as a career.

To end the week, Sarah Champion MP came to visit Rotherham College learners to talk about Parliament, her role and to answer questions on the future of education that were sent in by learners throughout the week as well as answer general questions about her role, Parliament and politics.

Jason Austin, CEO and Principal, said of the above visits,

“I am delighted to have had both members of the Civil Service who develop policy for Parliament and Government, we well as a member of Parliament here at Rotherham college to speak with learners about the role of Parliament and politics today.

“Sarah was very generous with her time and the learners really benefited from asking questions of our local MP giving them a chance to have a voice and share their thoughts, feedback and ideas directly to their local Member of Parliament.”

Sarah Champion MP, said of her time,

“I really enjoyed coming to speak with Rotherham College learners about my role as Rotherham’s Member of Parliament, and to answer their questions about the future of FE, SEND support and T Levels and their impact on employment, so thank you to the RNN Group for inviting me.”

Sarah Champion MP with Keith Sanderson Director of Campus at Rotherham College
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