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The Horror of the Deadline

5 April 2016

Thirty-one students from Rotherham College’s Higher Education programme have nearly completed their own independent film.

Students studying the BA (Hons) in Media, Moving Image and Photography, BA (Hons) in Theatre, Acting and Performance and HND Specialist Make-up are working together in their spare time, with the support of their tutors, to create their own horror film.

The film, cleverly named Deadline, centres on a college excursion where archaeology students go to Whitby, and whilst on the trip a series of events start to unfold and the students soon realise that they are in danger.

The whole idea for the project was started about two years ago when Sara Hall Curriculum Leader for Media and Photography decided to see if she could encourage the students, from different creative disciplines, to work together outside of their course requirements. They weren’t supplied with a brief and had to develop the story and script themselves but they could call on the expertise of their industry professional tutors for any guidance needed.

BA Media, Moving Image and Photography student Alisia Angel, took the lead on the project and wrote the majority of the script supported by her fellow students. Many production meetings were conducted in the early stages of the process led by Director Luke Cardwell

Sara helped source their primary location, a hostel located right next to the Whitby Abbey, after doing some research into notorious places in England that are associated with the horror and gothic genre. The hostel was perfect due to its magnificent appearance and eerie setting and it also doubled up as their base where they slept, ate and reflected on their progress. Leigh Anne Jones, BA Hons Media, Moving Image and Photography student managed to also secure a local pub in Whitby during serving hours to work as another setting.

Due to the assessment deadlines that the students are confined to through their courses, the film editing process is at a slow pace but once their deadlines have been met, they will be able to complete the final scenes that they need to shoot in the College and finish the editing. The students are aiming to have it completed before June.

Thanks to a stint of crowd funding, they have managed to raise around £250 to help with entering the film into as many festivals as possible.

Also in attendance was BA Hons Media, Moving Image and Photography student Dan Ashton who took a series of exceptional photos both staged and during filming. He’s captured the whole filming process. Sandra Lakin, a HND Specialist Make-up student also played her part by doing all the make-up for the actors.


Sara Hall said: “The students filmed over very long days where they would start at 8.30am and finish at 10 or 11pm at night. They have been incredibly professional and haven’t moaned once about the workload or long days. We’re so proud of them and all that they have achieved. Their collaborative work ethic has been exceptional.”

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