Financial Help for Learners

To support you during your time at College, you can apply for financial support, which offers a contribution towards the costs of studying.

Although funding is limited and allocated on a first come first served basis, we would encourage learners to apply. For this reason we are only able to make a contribution to your learning costs and some of the costs will have to be met by yourself.

The first bursary payments will be paid to you at the end of September, you will need to cover the costs until this time. However, if you are struggling please let us know so we can look at how we can support you.

The details may vary from year to year so please visit the student support section of our College website for the latest information or visit our Student Services department.

16-18 Financial Support

Learners aged 16 to 18, those aged 19 who are continuing on a study programme that they began aged 16 to 18 (‘19+ continuers’) and those aged 19 to 24, who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), are eligible to apply for the 16-18 College financial support.

You may be able to get a contribution towards travel, meals and college expenses and is available for eligible learners with a household income up to £30,000.

For more information speak to a Learner Finance Assistant in Student Services. Once completed submit this, with the required evidence of income and bank account details to Student Services at College for assessment.

In 2020/21 support will start being paid from October, please try to get your completed application in as soon as possible to ensure your support is note delayed.

Learners Aged 16 to 18

If you are aged between 16 and 18 at the start of your course, you will not have to pay any course fees and your parents/carers will be able to continue to claim any benefits they received while you were at school.

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Enhanced Young Persons Bursary

An annual bursary of up to £1,200 is available to the following groups of learners if they are participating on a study programme that lasts for 30 weeks or more (a pro-rata amount is calculated for study programmes of less than 30 weeks).

The bursary is made up of in-kind payments to support with learning costs, e.g purchase of equipment, meals available on site and monthly bursary payments.

The amount(s) awarded will be based upon the financial needs of the learner. If the learner is being financially supported through another organisation and financial need is limited, a reduced award may be given.

This support is subject to attendance and performance expectations.

Learners are eligible for Enhanced Young Persons Bursary if they are:

Aged 19 to 24 and in receipt of an
Educational Health and Care Plan

  • Learners aged 19 to 24 and in receipt of an EHCP do not have to pay tuition fees and are eligible to apply for the 16-19 Financial Support and Free College Meals. Additional Learning Support and other course related costs can be agreed and supported by Local Authority (e.g special transport)
  • EHCP learners aged 25 can access financial support from 19+ Financial Support to help with fees and College expenses

Care to Learn

If you are aged under 20 when you enrol on your course, you are eligible for support from Care to Learn, who can help with your childcare costs while you are studying.

Click the button below to find out more about Care to Learn.

19+ Financial Support

Learners aged 19 and over may need to pay fees and other costs towards their education up to and including Level 2 study.

In exceptional circumstances, College may be able to provide a contribution to fees, this is dependent on Household Income and personal circumstances.

The fees are set by the College at the start of each year and are based on the level of funding provided by the Government.

Many adult learners however are entitled to financial support on publicly funded courses, including a complete waiver of fees in certain circumstances.

Because of the changing nature of government funding and the complex rules surrounding fees, please speak to a Member of the Learner Recruitment Team (Student Services) for the latest details. For level 3 and 4 courses an Advanced Learner Loan is available.

You may receive a contribution towards the cost of:

  • Travel
  • Equipment costs
  • Childcare costs – Maximum support for full time students £160 per learner per week, there is reduced levels of support for those on part time courses.
  • UCAS application
  • Awarding body and tuition fees
  • Other associated study costs

Once completed, submit this, with the required evidence of income and bank account details to Student Services at College for assessment.

Please be aware that payments will begin at the end of September, please complete and hand in your application form with evidence early to ensure your support is not delayed. Childcare support will begin from when your application is approved and all agreements returned.

Advanced Learner Loans

If you are aged 19 or above and are looking to study a Level 3 or Level 4 course the Advanced Learner Loan is available to support with the cost of some or all of your course fees.

The loan does not have to be paid back until you are earning over £26,575 a year, this will increase to £27,295 from 6/4/2021.

For more details visit the Advanced Learner Loans section of the website:

You may be eligible for college financial support with a contribution towards costs, however along with household income evidence you will need to provide evidence of your Advanced Learner Loan for assessment.

Full Cost or Non-Funded Courses

Please note that no financial support is available for non-funded or full cost courses offered by the College. Learners may wish to consider at Professional Career Development Loan.

Student Discount (NUS)

Once enrolled at College all learners automatically become a member of the National Union of Students and are able to purchase an NUS Extra card online which offers discounts when shopping, eating out, going to the cinema and more. Applications are made online only with a suitable photograph at

Student Services Contact Information 01709 362111 or email


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