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Students urged to vote by MP and Rotherham Council Leader

14 April 2016

Signposting students to the ballot boxes, Rotherham Council leader Cllr Chris Read and Gloria De Piero MP visited Rotherham College to talk to students about the importance of their votes and how they had the power to shape their future.

With voting among young people declining, the MP and Council Leader encouraged students to register and subsequently vote in upcoming local elections and the EU referendum.

Students were also given the unique opportunity to quiz the pair on local and national issues, including housing, employment, education and immigration.

Gloria, the Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration, was keen to find out why young people don’t vote – and the students grasped the opportunity to express their opinions.

She said: “it is incredible valuable to hear young peoples’ views on why they are so disengaged with politics.

“The majority do not vote as an act of defiance because they are alienated by politicians. But, actually, that enables politicians to ignore their voice and structure their political agendas to suit other demographics.”

Cllr Chris Read echoed Gloria’s views about the importance of voting and encouraged students not to miss out.

He said:  “Young people must make their voice heard and getting onto the electoral register is the first step.”

You can register to vote by visiting

You will need to register by 18 April to vote in the 5 May elections, or by 7 June to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June.

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