Wow at Wentworth: Rotherham College Students Create Designs for Wentworth Woodhouse

7 April 2022

Rotherham College graphic design and media and photography students created a series of designs for Wentworth Woodhouse last week, in a bid to engage a younger audience at the centre by encouraging them to visit.

Students were showed the state rooms, gardens and the riding school to give them inspiration for a project whereby they were tasked to come up with an idea to promote Wentworth Woodhouse to a younger audience.

The media and photography students showcased themes of natural beauty, craftsmanship and decay in their shots alongside some ghost filming, whilst graphic design students created clothing lines, board games and multi-media advertising campaigns.

Student’s work was showcased in a lightbox installation at the sell-out We Wonder Noir Festival last month, alongside well-established artists such as Luke Jerram and Ed Carter. We caught up with Jacob Christ, a Level 3 Graphic Design student, who designed a fully working board game for the gift shop which was greatly received by Wentworth Woodhouse.

He said: ‘’I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Wentworth Woodhouse to bring my project to life.

‘’The experience was exciting as it was very different to my past projects, which has allowed me to explore new ideas and design techniques.

‘’The trip was fantastic and I am really proud of my finished design.’’

Tracy Gelder, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, stated that the trip was greatly appreciated by all the students.

She said: ‘’Working with Wentworth Woodhouse over the last few year years has been invaluable in our quest to work with employers around South Yorkshire.

‘’Students and tutors were given VIP access to all areas of the house, which was an amazing experience.

‘’It has enabled students to understand what life in the industry is like.’’


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