Amy stands in front of her work.

Rotherham College alumni wins ‘Most Determined to Succeed’ award

16 November 2016

Rotherham College alumni Amy Walker has won the ‘Most Determined to Succeed’ award at Rotherham Council’s Young Entrepreneur Awards for her start-up company ‘Ye Olde Yorkshire Preserve Shoppe’.

Amy, 25, first became interested in preserve making when she inherited a jam pan and recipes from her grandmother. She worked at her hobby alongside studying Travel and Tourism at Rotherham College before moving into aviation studies.

However struggling with dyslexia, Amy faced bullying when she started work. Feeling at rock-bottom, she decided to put her energy into her passion of jam making, using combinations such as Strawberry and Prosecco to help her stand out from the crowd.

Working with the Prince’s Trust and Rotherham Youth Enterprise, Amy has built up her business and now ships worldwide, to countries such as Canada.

“We’re doing really well at the moment”, Amy said, “Both mum and dad are helping me, so it’s a family run company.”

Amy’s dad, a chef of 30 years, is currently studying to be a teacher at Rotherham College, but he’s also tasked with making the fudge sold by Ye Olde Preserve Shoppe whilst her mum runs the sales side of the business.

Julia Arechiga, a Curriculum Director with RNN Group said “we are passionate and committed to developing the future of individuals. Amy is definitely committed to developing her future and has shown a determination to succeed.”

Alongside running her business, Amy also works with schools to introduce children to the skill, and to share her inspirational story.

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