Rotherham College students win first place in baking competition for Red nose day

Red Nose Cakes are a Winner!

5 May 2017

Foundation students from Grimsby and Rotherham College took part in a baking competition at a recent Inter-college challenge.

Emily Coombs, Adam Wilkinson and Jamie Jordan, represented Rotherham College and were awarded first place for their Red Nose day creations.

The students were given a brief previous to the competition which was to cook and decorate 12 buns in the theme of Red Nose Day.

Adam carried out the background research and found the official red nose icons which they recreated in fondant icing ready for the day.

“It was quite nerve racking when I first saw the ovens at Grimsby College, they were huge!” said Emily.

She added; “As we had been practicing before the event I felt more relaxed than in our trial runs at Dinnington Campus. We were able to prepare the decorations and piping bags whilst the cupcakes were cooking.

“When we were announced the winners it was a special moment; I felt really proud to be representing the College and accepting a medal.”

Adam commented; “I was nervous when we first started but Emily and I soon settled in. We work well together and knew each other’s set roles and just got on with it. We both seemed really calm on the day.”

“I was really shocked when we were awarded first place, I just wasn’t expecting it at all. It was a great moment and something I will look back on with pride.”

Jamie added; “They both did really well, my role was mainly to support them and to step in if needed, which to be fair they didn’t need me, they had it all under control. I just sat back and watched, they were very comfortable in their surroundings and it showed.  The practicing definitely paid off. It was a great outcome for us and something I’m glad I was a part of.”

Carol O’Donoghue, course tutor added; “They did themselves and college proud on the day, they were well prepared and just got on with the job. It was a great team effort and a well-deserved placement. I’m so proud of their achievement and conduct on the day.”

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