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Party Fit for the Queen: ESOL Department Host Jubilee Lunch 

1 June 2022

Rotherham College’s English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) department recently hosted a banquet-style buffet in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

Both staff and students were involved and donated a variety of delicious home-cooked foods, drinks and snacks from various cultures to make the afternoon a special and uplifting event. The food ranged from Syrian hummus, Romanian traditional pies and Indian Biryani dishes, to British trifles and quaint cucumber sandwiches. The students and staff from the department also wore their nation’s traditional dress, and proudly represented their home countries. 

The off-timetable afternoon allowed the students of many different nationalities to all come together and celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee as one, before half term. As well as enjoying a vast range of incredible foods, the students and staff got involved in some traditional dancing and played a game of Piñata.  

Daniel Stanbra, Director of Adult Education and Contracts, stated that it was a fantastic way to celebrate the communities that attend Rotherham College.

He said: ‘’The event showed the incredibly diverse range of communities that we have in our ESOL department. It was such a fantastic atmosphere for both the students and staff to enjoy. 

 It was amazing to see everybody come together to celebrate as one.’’

David Smith, Campus Manager of Rotherham College, also commented on the event.

He said: ‘’The atmosphere at the Jubilee lunch was amazing and I was really impressed by how well the students and staff had organised the event.

‘’It’s great to see all the students of all different ages joining forces to have a good time.’’

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of spending time with others from different cultures.

Adrian Cruz, ESOL Skills for Life (Entry 2) student, said: ‘’It was fantastic to learn about other cultures and celebrations.

‘’I have now learnt a little bit more about other cultural celebrations and how special days are remembered.’’

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