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It’s Not Too Late to Start at Rotherham College

23 August 2016

Whether you have recently received your GCSE or A-Level results, fancy a career change or return to education, it’s not too late to enrol at Rotherham College.

If you have already enrolled at another college or stayed on at sixth form, and aren’t quite happy with the decision you have made, there is still chance to change your mind.

Rotherham College offers vocational provisions that are more suited to those who benefit from hands-on learning. With over 170 course/apprenticeships; ranging from foundation level 1 through the A-Level equivalent Level 3, part-time courses for adults and university-level courses, there is bound to be an option that is right for you.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the grades you would like in GCSE English, maths or science, you can retake the qualification at the College on its own or alongside another subject.

The College has state of the art facilities including real working environments such as the Inspire Salons, The Wharncliffe restaurant, Construction Centre and Mining Meadows Farm that will give you the opportunity to train in industry-standard environments and get vital experience.

The College also offers a range of Apprenticeships which train learners right in the heart of industry. Whether students want to train as an engineer, an accountant or in retail, they will learn on the job and get paid for it.

If you are undecided, want advice or need information, please contact College’s Student Support team on 01709 722777 or by email info@rotherham.ac.uk.

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