My time at Rotherham College

Blog: My Time at Rotherham College

7 September 2022

Jurida Pina – Hair and Beauty

Starting College in September can seem daunting and you may be feeling unsure on whether you have made the correct decision. However, we can assure you joining us at Rotherham College will be one of the best decisions you ever make!

Here is one of our students to tell you all about their amazing experience…

To summarise, how was your experience at Rotherham College?

I enjoyed every aspect of my time at Rotherham College on my beauty therapy courses (L2/3/4). I have always been passionate about beauty therapy, and the courses had lots of variety for me to develop my skills, both in terms of practical treatments and theoretical knowledge. A blended way of learning in anatomy and physiology helped me expand my knowledge and to be a more experienced, effective and skilled therapist. I enjoyed giving treatments, including consultation, client care, and products plans to real, paying customers. This gave me the opportunity to develop my customer service skills and confidence – Rotherham College prepared me for the industry perfectly.

How was your experience with College tutors?

I have great admiration and respect for my college tutors – they really inspired me to achieve highly in my current role. English is not my first language so when I first started Level 2 I was very frustrated and insecure because I struggled to express myself. However, my tutors supported me the whole way and encouraged me to believe in myself. I was inspired to get my current role due to my tutors.

What do you do in your current role?

I am currently doing consultations and performing treatments such as facial skin treatments, conditions with electrical machines, laser hair removal, pedicures and manicures. None of these skills would be possible if it wasn’t for my time at Rotherham College.

Would you recommend Rotherham College to future students?

Absolutely – it was an amazing experience, and if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t choose anywhere else. The Hair and Beauty department was well organised, had fabulous facilities and I received the best training.

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