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Rotherham College Music Students to Perform as Special Guests at Rotherham Schools’ Battle of the Bands

3 May 2022

A group of Rotherham College’s Level 3, Year 2 Music Performance students are set to return to the stage as special guests at Rotherham Schools’ Battle of the Bands competition.

The band, consisting of students Sam Simmons, Katie Dixon, Grace Darlow, Chris Evans, Jack Dixon and Connor Malin, also known collectively as ‘For Next Week‘, have previously won the Inter-College competition at Grimsby College, and are eagerly anticipating their next live performance. 

Former Clifton Community School students and guitarists, Connor and Chris are delighted to be returning to their old school to perform in front of the younger students. 

Connor said: “We are so excited to return to our old school where we first picked up a guitar. We started playing in Year 7 when we were messing about with guitars but we quickly found that we absolutely loved it.” 

Chris added: “We went on to study GCSE Music, as our teachers encouraged us to study what we enjoyed. The first ever band we formed was at Clifton with a previous bassist and drummer, and it just feels right to go back to our roots and perform there with our new band. We want to set a good example and inspire the younger generation of musicians.”

After a tough couple of years for the Music students, they are appreciating being on the stage in front of a live audience like never before. Their triumph at the Grimsby Inter-College competition was the first live competitive performance for the band. 

Connor added: “Performing at the Grismby competition in March was an incredible feeling, it’s very different from practicing in a rehearsal room, but we all enjoy the adrenaline rush, and love feeling like we are giving something back to the audience”.

Sam said: “Everyone who competed was great, but it did feel amazing to win and be crowned the best out of a number of such talented bands.”

Jack shared: “I loved the experience. As a drummer, it’s all about playing live! We had practiced for such a long period of time and experienced many different technical difficulties, but it was all worth it in the end.” 

The band, who all possess different music tastes individually, as well as different role models, have found a happy medium in playing pop-rock music on stage. However, they have a unified voice on their view of college, and all say that the Music department at Rotherham College motivates and inspires them to become professional musicians. 

Sam said: “All of our tutors and our Curriculum Team Leader Dave Burgess, are really motivational and drive us to put in the work, which we are all grateful for!”

Katie added: “I want to be a music teacher when I finish College. I’m really inspired by all the tutors here and I want to do something similar with my career in the future.”

Grace said: “We all want to be on the stage performing in the future, and the industry links that we are provided with at College will really help us to find a career after we finish our course.”

Good luck from everyone at Rotherham College to pianist Sam Simmons, Katie Dixon on the vocals, Grace Darlow on bass, Jack Dixon on the drums and guitarists Chris Evans and Connor Malin with their performance at Clifton Community School next week. 

Keep an eye out on our social media pages for pictures and videos from their special performance. 

Watch a previous clip of For Next Week performing at Grimsby College.


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