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Students Tackle the Issue of Mental Health in Latest Performance

20 March 2019

Level 3 Acting students from Rotherham College are preparing to perform in annual festival National Theatre Connections, one of the UK’s largest celebrations of youth theatre. Plays are commissioned for and about young people, from some of the best contemporary playwrights and performed by schools and youth theatres all over the UK.

Students will be performing The Sad Club, a play by Luke Barnes about depression and anxiety. Students will perform a collection of monologues and songs from all over time and space, exploring what about living in this world stops us from being happy and how we might go about tackling those problems.

Siobhan Foster, a Performing Arts tutor at Rotherham College said, “This play is all about looking at support systems and how being a teenager can make you feel all sorts of emotions, such as anxiety, depression and feeling generally lost.

“Throughout the play, it explores different time zones and different places that teenagers may experience these issues, but also the message that with the right support and speaking to someone you trust it will be okay.”

The Sad Club will be performed on the second day of the festival on Tuesday 26th March at The Crucible, Sheffield. Tickets are £6 and can be purchased from

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