Adam stands in his store.

Lift Off for Former Students New Business

22 February 2016

Ever since he was 9 years old Adam Price knew what he wanted to do when he grew up, that was the year he received his first flying model and decided he wanted to open up his own local model shop and make it the best in the area.

Rather than sixth form Adam chose to attend Rotherham College at age 16, where he could focus solely on one subject that would propel him into the career he wanted. He completed his Level 2 in ICT and moved on to study the Level 3 Business Diploma.

His courses gave him the skills he needed to open his very own model shop in Laughton Common called Dynomodels in September 2015, a mere few months after completing his College course. Dynomodels is a family run shop owned by Adam and his mum that sells a wide range of models and accessories.

Adam had lots of help and encouragement from his tutors and peers at Rotherham College and also received support from Rotherham Youth Enterprise (RYE) who he met at the College’s progression event that helped make Adam’s dream a reality.

Adam said “My course helped me understand what business is like, how it’s run, profit and loss margins, how to do it and how to get around problems. The tutors really helped me with any questions and my business plan.

“College really helped, in sixth form you’d have been all over the place, the teachers at College just do business and you have more time to concentrate as well because it’s not a full week.

“I wouldn’t have had the skills to do it without College. I got advice from target audiences and my classmates; College put me in contact with Rotherham Youth Enterprise (RYE) who helped me get going. I got in touch and got a free stall at Rotherham Show and they helped me promote my business.

“It’s a dream really, I’m 19 years old with my own model shop. I wouldn’t have got where I am now without the support from Rotherham College.”

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