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Celebrity Guest Talk: Artist Grayson Perry Inspires Students

4 February 2022

Famous contemporary artist Grayson Perry held a stimulating online guest talk with Rotherham College Students last week.

Grayson is widely known for his ceramic vases, tapestries and cross-dressing, as well as his observations of the contemporary art scene. He has also become one of the UK’s most recognisable artists, as he challenges societal norms with the development of his unique female alter-ego ‘Claire’. He is also a curator, writer and broadcaster of his own popular Channel 4 show ‘Grayson’s Art Club’, which he presented with his wife, Philippa Perry over lockdown.

Grayson spoke to students about a range of creative topics, including how learning to sing and perform musicals can inspire many different forms of art. He also expressed how important it is for students to find their own artistic style in order to stand out.

He said: “In all forms of art, having a unique style is important. You can’t just choose a style, it has to evolve with you as your career does.

“It’s like going to Helsinki platform where there are 10 buses and 10 platforms. You choose your bus, and each stop is a year in your career. You have to try all the different buses to try out all the styles, in order to develop as an artist.

“It’s a long and slow process, which can be tough, but fun”.

He added: “a career in art is a constant challenge and you have to be your own worst critic”.

Fashion Level 1 student Georgia Earnshaw felt inspired by Grayson and said:

“The talk was very good, I’ve learnt a lot of things about how to build a career in the Arts industry. Grayson’s take on fashion is really interesting, and I love that he breaks traditions and challenges gender norms through art and fashion

“He was also really entertaining, which made the talk very engaging and exciting”

Stephen Boot, Media lecturer said:

“It’s good for the students to hear an honest take on the Arts industry from someone in the public eye. He was entertaining and extremely motivating. He gave the students a real insight into his work process, his mental health and his ups and downs in his career.

“It was a fascinating, honest and brilliant talk”.


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