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A Fond Farewell to Honorary Students

22 March 2016

For some the dream of spending the day in the life of someone else is exactly that, a dream, but for two exceptional students from Norway, this became a reality and not only a reality but an opportunity to experience a different culture.

Through Business Education Together Ltd as part of their European Training and Apprenticeship Programme, two students from a town in Norway joined Rotherham College’s hair and beauty department to take part in an exchange programme.

Out of all of the students in their school, eight were selected as a reward for good behaviour and attendance and were designated a location in Europe where they were going to spend two weeks experiencing what it is like to study their chosen subject in another country.

Business Education Together Ltd has a well-established European Apprentice programme with its partners from France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain. They work with these European Partners to provide their apprentices and trainees with training opportunities in the South Yorkshire area. All of their programmes offer high quality work placements, training and cultural experiences.

When asked what they felt when they found out that they were going to be taking part in the exchange trip, Helena said: “I felt very excited that we were going to be going to another country. We didn’t know where we were going until we were given our tickets. We’ve never been to England.”

Whilst at Rotherham College the main thing that they have learnt is how the British run their salons. “It’s very different to how we do it at home,” said Helena. The other main difference is that when studying hair and beauty disciplines there are only two levels in Norway where there are 3 in England with the option to move onto Higher Education.

Curriculum Leader, Jan Milton said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to have Helena and Paulina come into the College. They have completely fitted in, they feel just like a part of the furniture. We’re very sad to see them leave but hope that they will stay in touch.”

Whilst being in the country the pair have had the chance to explore the local area. Through staying in Sheffield they have had visited Meadowhall and were off to visit York on their final weekend. Helena said: “England is very similar to home; the weather, the places. The main difference is that the buildings are made from wood at home and brick here.”

The Rotherham students have also gained a lot from the experience. They have had an insight into Norwegian culture, the way salons work and even learning the language.

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