Rotherham College Welcomes First Lamb of the Year

Rotherham College Welcomes First Lamb of the Year

28 March 2017

Mining Meadows Farm based at Rotherham College’s Dinnington Campus has proudly welcomed their first lamb of the year.

The students noticed the mother had gone in to labour and alerted the tutors who jumped in to action to assist with the birth, cleaning the lamb and making sure he began feeding.

The lamb was born on Monday 20th March at 12.30pm and affectionately named after the prince from The Little Mermaid, Eric, by the staff and students who have chosen a Disney theme for the lamb names this year.

Two more lambs followed a couple of days later, one named Ariel and the other Sebastian. More are due to be born over the next week with the students enthusiastically taking responsibility for their care. This involves creating a feeding plan and checking the health of the lambs is progressing well.

The tutors are keen to encourage the students to take this hands-on approach with the lambs, being able to see new life first hand and be involved in their development is a great experience.

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