Culture Day at Rotherham College

Culture Day: The English Language Brings Everyone Together

8 March 2023

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”

Rita Mae Brown

The biggest barrier to communication and harmony among different cultures is broken when there is a common language they all speak. Considering the fact that the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Department offers language courses for those struggling to learn the English language, a celebration of Culture Day makes perfect sense.

On 22nd February 2023, the Level 1 Business, Retail and Travel students at Rotherham College organised a Culture Day for ESOL students where learners from different cultural backgrounds were invited to savour some of traditional cuisines from around the world and then engage in fun-filled games, singing and dancing. Some students showed their talented side beautifully playing guitar and air piano, their upbeat rhythms resonating with the lively atmosphere.

After the Level 1 learners had enjoyed the delicious dishes made by their fellow students, they proceeded to breakout rooms where they enjoyed a series of games including musical chairs, bingo, charades and a quiz. The games were followed by learners singing and performing their cultural dances.

The learners belonged to different cultures and some of them were not even able to speak or understand the English language; yet, they had a lot of fun as they connected with each other with one common motivational element: the thirst to learn the English language. The Culture Day was a social event for Rotherham College students celebrating diversity while practicing inclusion in the best way possible. Such events demonstrate that even with the mightiest of differences in culture, we can always find a way to communicate and understand each other.

Rotherham College offers ESOL courses for speakers of all languages and helps them read, listen, speak and write in English language to express and share their precious ideas with the world. The courses are in the list of most popular courses in the college and the event shows how much each of the learners enjoy another day at the college.

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