Craig Shepherd – Performing Arts Tutor

Craig Shepherd – Performing Arts Tutor

11 July 2023

Television dramas have a captivating way of bringing fictional stories to life, captivating audiences around the world. Sometimes, amidst the professional actors, familiar faces from our own communities grace the screen, adding an extra layer of excitement. Recently, Craig Shepherd, a performing arts tutor from Rotherham College, made a special appearance on the popular soap opera, Coronation Street.

Craig Shepherd is no stranger to the limelight. As a tutor at Rotherham College, he has been inspiring and guiding students on their educational journey for several years. Known for his dedication and passion, Craig has always had a knack for connecting with young minds, making complex subjects seem approachable and exciting.

However, Craig’s talent and charisma extend beyond the college walls. An aspiring actor from a young age, he participated in numerous local theatre productions before pursuing his teaching career. The desire to inspire students and foster their talents became his main focus, but the acting bug never truly left him.

We caught up with Craig to ask a few questions about his experience on the cobbled streets of Weatherfield.

What was the casting process like?

It was very quick, and it was very effective. I sent in a self-taped audition where I introduced myself and my agent’s name, did a couple of side profile shots, said which role I was auditioning for, which in this case was the Council Official for Coronation Street, and after that I performed the script.”

How did you feel when you were chosen for the role?

“I was elated! It’s always good to get a role, particularly on television. The money is adequate—better than some other A-list jobs, of course. It was a great experience being on Coronation Street again.”

What would you like students to take away from this?

I want students to see, not whether I’m a good actor or a good tutor, but that I’m connected with the industry, and even though I’m not mega successful or mega famous, it’s good for students to see that one of their tutors has managed to get himself some work on television, and if he can do it, anyone else can do it.”

What was your experience like at college, and how do you think it’s different for students today?

“In some ways it was different; the working hours were longer and the classes were bigger, but I don’t think there’s a massive difference. The students are dedicated; they have respect for me and respect for the text. Of course, an element of fun is involved without being overanalysed or overindulging. Also, social networking and the internet are much handier; if I mention a film or any kind of topic or research, they can acquire it straight away.”

What or who are your biggest influences?

“Well, it would be natural to say, but it is true; my mother and father were a very big influence. They were big film buffs, and they were interested in how things developed on stage and on screen. Laurel and Hardy, of course, was one of my main influences, as were a lot of comedians and comedy writers of the 70s. I feel British humour in the 70s and 80s was the best humour in the world.”

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

It’s connected with a job I’ve always loved, which is acting, but also sharing the fruits of my knowledge with the students. Getting them enthusiastic, teaching them how to navigate and guide them, and showing them how much fun it can be. There is hard work, focus, dedication and commitment. Ultimately, you must have the fun and the enjoyment to do that, which basically goes with any job, really.”

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