Choose Your Future

Choose Your Future

13 August 2021

‘Future’ is a big word. When asked about what we want to do with it, our minds usually go right to jobs. Why wouldn’t they? That’s what we think makes sense, right?

We seem to answer this question without pausing to think of the why.  It’s like answering a complicated maths question without showing our working out and hoping that it makes sense. More often than not, the answer will change if we change our approach. So, let’s do that – let’s think about the why.

Understanding our passions is to understand what motivates us. Maybe it’s the latest in car technology, film and theatre, climate change or social care. It doesn’t matter. What matters is understanding what our passions are. Knowing this is essential to knowing what sort of jobs are out there where we can put our passions into practice.

Once we know what our passions are and what jobs there are that match these then we’re already ahead of most people! But what do we need to get into those sorts of jobs?

The answer is skills, knowledge, and behaviours. If we can show our dream workplace that we’ve managed to combine a real passion with these three key ingredients, then we’ll be in with a good chance of securing that job we want. But how do we get these things? That’s where qualifications come in. With the right kind of qualification, we can open the door to our bright futures.

At Rotherham College, we have a wide range of courses and apprenticeships in a variety of subject areas. You can choose to be taught by industry experts who have a wealth of experience within your chosen subject specialism. Choose to study in state-of-the-art facilities that reflect real working environments to give you a head start in the workplace. Choose to gain the skills you need to succeed and stand out from the crowd. Choose us for career focussed training ensuring you leave us fully equipped for your dream career.


And Remember…

This is your future. Not your friend’s, or your parent’s. Yours. Take the time needed to think about what you want to do with it. No matter what you envisage your future self to be, we’ll help you get there.

Want to discuss your options? Call us on 01709 362111, learn more about our courses or read our course guide.

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