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Brilliant Build: Students Take Part in World Skills Competition ‘Skill Build’

17 June 2022

Rotherham College students have taken part in the World Skills UK regional qualifier, as part of their series of ‘Skill Build’ competitions at Leeds College of Building.

Level 3 and Level 2 Diploma in Bricklaying students Mitchell Eaton and Cameron Bruce were tasked with building a decorative wall, whilst Level 2 Apprentice in Joinery Alex Peart was tasked with building a roof construction in the joinery competition.

They were supplied with a plan and a specification of the piece they had to complete in an allocated time, using all the skills they had learnt throughout their time at Rotherham. Skills that assisted them in the final task were understanding the joint finishes and brick bonds, amongst various others.

All three students competed for a total of six hours throughout the day, demonstrating their hard work and determination to show off their new-found College-learnt skills.

Mitchell and Cameron are still awaiting their results, whilst Alex still awaits his overall placement in the joinery competition. Mitchell Eaton, who has already set up his own company at the age of 19, said that it was a fantastic experience.

He said: ‘’I thoroughly enjoyed competing and it was a great experience to meet other people who work in the industry and test myself at a high level.’’

Furthermore, Cameron stated: ‘’I enjoyed competing against the best as it allows me to develop my skills and knowledge further to take with me into the world of work.’’

In addition, Alex said: “College has given me great opportunities to develop my abilities, not only in my work life but in my home life too, as I am renovating my first home.’’

Joe Wilde, Lecturer in Construction, described the day as an excellent experience for the students as it helped them gain an understanding of handling and dealing with the pressures they may face when working within the industry.

He said: ‘’Competing at such a high-level is pressuring for the students, but that is realistic to this industry.

‘’Clients need tasks done to a high-standard in an allotted time, meaning SkillBuild competitions and WorldSkills practices are built in to our students development for this reason giving our students that key practice to perform under pressure.

‘’Mitchell, Cameron and Alex all said they would compete again and thoroughly enjoyed it. They made the whole College, especially the construction department, very proud with the high standards they displayed at Skill Build.’’

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