Brickwork students visit UCR site for bricklaying demonstration

Brickwork Students Visit Site for Bricklaying Demonstration

17 January 2018

Brickwork students from Rotherham College were invited to the University Centre Rotherham site by contractor Willmott Dixon for a site tour to showcase the latest developments of the build, but also for a demonstration of the bricklaying process for a large project.

The aim of the visit was not only to show students what a typical day looks like on a building site, but also to offer students the opportunity to spot any potential hazards and demonstrate the quality of work expected to reduce building waste.

The Brickwork students were firstly taken into the on-site meeting room for an introduction by Building Manager Chris James, before they were shown development plans and a time-lapse video of the progress so far.

Alan Neal, Construction Manager explained, “The role of a bricklayer is to manage the quality of their work, be compliant with specifications and spot any potential problems. If they feel a particular part of the build isn’t working, it is their job to observe, take evidence and report. This kind of attitude will make the project safer not only for them but for everyone else on-site.”

Students were also introduced to the Bricklaying supervisor, who explained the bricklaying process and the type of brick being used on the building exterior.

After the site tour students were invited to ask any questions on career paths and Apprenticeships, as well as to voice any observations they made on the health and safety aspects of the build. These observations will then be fed back to the Operations Manager, who will ensure any hazards are inspected and made safe.

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