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Blog: How a Creative Adult Course Can Help You – Our Three Top Tips

11 May 2022

If you’re aged 19 or over, and the idea of studying an adult course excites you, then you’re not alone – in the 2021/22 academic year alone, there have been over 1.2 million adult students.

Whether it’s for something you enjoy, your career, for changes in the world – or in yourself – adult courses are a wonderful opportunity to achieve your ambition. Simply put, they can be for you.

We offer plenty of professional adult courses, which can be part-time, include distance learning, picking up or perfecting a hobby, getting to grips with English, or maths, and the mindset needed to succeed in the workplace.

We’re also excited to share that we now offer a crafty curation of creative courses. But how can a creative adult course help you achieve your ambition? Let’s find out together:


Creative Adult Courses can Help you…


…Build Transferrable Skills

Did you know that, for Apple, Steve Jobs often hired artists interested in technology instead of computing wizzes? Top Talent management agency, The Curve Group, agrees, saying that creative students “…have developed more quickly in their roles from the start. They have discipline, confidence and can accept criticism.”

Whether you want to study our adult courses from Entry Level Creative Craft right up to Level 4 Creative Enterprise, the skills you’ll develop on our creative adult courses will equip you with a with the right outlook for opportunity.


…Get Hands-on

Our Adult courses are a brilliant chance for you to jump in to something that truly excites you. They’re an opportunity for you to do something that you enjoy, and get hands-on.  Let’s take a few examples. On our Level 2 Body Art Design, Level 2 Nail Technology, Level 2 Skin Tanning, Level 2 Gel Polish Techniques , or a Level 1 in Fashion, there’s a common theme. It’s you, learning something you love by doing something you love. There isn’t anything much more fulfilling than that.

…Become the Person you Want to Be

To achieve your ambition, whatever it may be, studying a creative course can help you get to you goal. But how might a creative course have value that can be used no matter what you’re after? It’s because on a creative course, you’ll need to communicate your thoughts, opinions, and feelings in a way that influences yours and other’s decisions, you’ll develop the confidence the present your work and be open to criticism from others and yourself. Tie these things together and you’ve got an extremely valuable skill called ‘emotional intelligence’.

It doesn’t matter if you studied our Level 2 Computing, Level 2 Game Design, or something different like our Level 1 Graphic Design, Level 2 Photography, or Level 2 in Media – you’ll gain emotional intelligence no matter which creative course you choose. This type of intelligence is essential to navigating and getting the most out of life, and can set you leagues ahead of plenty of people.

And Lastly

We want to say this again. An adult course is for you. Not for anyone else – it’s something that’s uniquely yours – your learning experience doing something you enjoy, and your opportunities that lie ahead. We hope you love every minute of it, and encourage you to find out more about our adult courses, distance learning, picking up or perfecting a hobby, getting to grips with English, or maths courses. You can also click on the course links provided throughout this blog to learn more and apply.

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