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Rotherham College Students Set to Appear on BBC Gardeners’ World

5 June 2019

Rotherham College Foundation students, Callum Gregory and Tommie Hamilton, are set to appear on BBC Gardeners’ World after volunteering at the Oasis Community Gardens based in Worksop. The aim of Oasis Community Gardens is to improve the lives of those in the neighbouring community by offering social events and activities but also educational opportunities, including allowing volunteers to help in the gardens and grow their gardening skills.

BBC Gardeners’ World have been filming at the Oasis Community Garden as part of a segment they are running on gardens within the community and the difference these gardens have on people’s lives and the surrounding community. Callum and Tommie, both based at Dinnington Campus, got involved in the filming by making hanging baskets with presenter, Adam Frost and were able to share their favourite things about volunteering at the Gardens.

Callum said “I love to do everything here at the garden, my favourite thing is to do the composting. We also get to play football here after we’ve done our gardening work. At College, we have been learning about woodwork, cooking and gardening, but I really enjoy gardening so I love helping out at the Oasis Community Gardens.

“I’m really excited to appear on Gardeners’ World, it’s really exciting to have a film crew with us.”

Tommie added “I love getting involved with everything there is to do here in the garden. Sewing seeds is my favourite job but I also like planting and watering the plants. We always end up having water fights when we water the plants though!”

The work Callum and Tommie are doing at the Oasis Community Gardens is a part of their ‘Tomorrow People’ award which was set up to inspire young people to get involved with making a difference in their community. Tommie and Callum have to complete a set number of volunteering hours and decided to work within the Oasis Community Garden as a result.

Steve Williams, Centre Manager at the Oasis Community Garden said “the garden has over 20 regular volunteers and has come on a long way since being a derelict youth centre and abandoned playing field. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of volunteers like Callum and Tom.

“It’s really exciting that the Oasis Community Garden has the opportunity to appear on national television to showcase everyone’s hard work over the years. Callum and Tommie are a pleasure to have volunteering here. ”

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