Performing Arts Students See the Sights on Barcelona Trip

21 May 2019

Levels 1, 2 and 3 students studying Performing Arts have had the opportunity to visit Barcelona for a week of acting, dance and singing workshops at the Institute of Arts, Barcelona (IAB).

The trip is the perfect experience for students to develop key skills in singing and acting techniques, as well as the opportunity to build on their professional development and tailor their future goals and aspirations.

Megan Pierrepont is a Year 2 Level 3 Performing Arts Musical Theatre student. She said, “One of the highlights of the trip was getting know people from different levels and courses that I didn’t know before and wouldn’t normally have spoken to; spending time with them and bonding was really nice.

“What I enjoyed the most was the dance workshop, because it challenged me a lot but taught me lots of things such as how to act professionally in auditions. The best part about visiting IAB was getting to see their way of life and how they train and live in the area, and it was interesting to see the similarities and differences from training in the UK.

“The skills I learned was how to communicate develop and learn with some groups of people I wasn’t necessarily familiar with and this will help me in the future and develop my confidence when working with a new company or during auditions.”

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