Image of Animal Care project winners

Animal Care Project Competition

2 May 2017

Level 1 Animal Care students at Rotherham College rose to the challenge when they were asked to produce an educational zoo display, appropriate for children aged 8 to 12.

The display had to teach the target audience about terms which are used to characterise animals as well as their physical and behavioural adaptations for these characteristics. The tutor encouraged competition within the group, splitting the students up into five teams. Each team was allocated different words to cover. The Animal Care students were allowed to approach the task however they wanted, with no restrictions on design as long as they fulfilled the demands of the brief.

Once the week long deadline arrived, it was immediately evident that everyone had dedicated a lot of time to their project as there was an array of colourful and detailed posters. A member of the marketing department was invited to judge all of the hard work.

The team who were declared as the winners had gone the extra mile with their entry, creating an informative set of interactive games suitable for older children. The winners were rewarded with chocolates for their fantastic effort.


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