Sheffield City Region Apprenticeship Awards

Adding Value to the Community: Glenda Walker

14 December 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a dramatic change occur at both a global and local level, as communities found themselves in unprecedented modern and difficult situations. In the midst of this were healthcare and essential workers, who were thrust onto the frontline with the aim of helping local communities.

Glenda Walker, a Health and Social Care apprentice at Rotherham College, was one of the essential workers during the pandemic who worked tirelessly to help patients in the local area suffering from COVID-19.

Working as a Clinical Support Worker at Rotherham Hospital, Glenda praised her colleagues’ work to help the patients affected by the pandemic but also highlighted the long-term effects that it may have.

She said: “The pandemic affected everyone in different ways but I do think as a healthcare worker and working on the frontline we will be affected by it for quite a long time.”

The areas of South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire were, like much of the UK, badly affected by the pandemic. The heroic work that Glenda and her colleagues in the regions put in, was crucial to keeping the communities in the area safe and running. Glenda spoke about the challenges that came with this work.

She commented: “There were some weeks that were really hard, working with so many Covid patients that were really poorly or dying every night and going home in the mornings feeling like we hadn’t done enough for them, even though we did everything possible. It was actually a relief to sit and do some studying to take my mind off the patients for a while.”

For her work helping the local community of Sheffield City and surrounding areas, Glenda was also nominated for Sheffield City Region Apprenticeship Awards 2021.  Skills Consultant Team Leader at RNN Training, Simon Hartley, praised Glenda for her and her colleagues’ fantastic work and for her nomination.

Simon said: “We are forever grateful for the work which Glenda and her colleagues have done throughout the pandemic and are very proud to see another one of our apprentices representing the local community.”

Glenda is currently finalising her apprenticeship through RNN Training and Dearne Valley College, as well as continuing her work helping the local community as a Senior Healthcare Assistant at Rotherham Hospital.