• Do you want to create software and problem solve?
  • Do you want to learn about computer programming?
  • Do you want to be a website designer?

Information technology and computers now play an active part in most people’s life and are seen in every job from the office work place to hospitals.

The job opportunities are endless with talented qualified practitioners being in high demand. If you have a passion how system networks are built and run, or you enjoy the creativeness of website design then look no further.

These qualifications are nationally recognised by employers and universities, and valued for their ability to create confident professionals who have well-rounded skills and knowledge.

Courses and Apprenticeships available in:

  • Computing and Systems Development
  • Digital IT Skills
  • Games Development
  • Media, Moving Image and Photography
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
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By studying these courses you will gain a range of skills and knowledge within several areas of Computing.  You will undertake a range of units, which will depend on your course and on what level you take.

These units may include creative digital production skills, software development such as games and app programming, website design and many others.

Following the Computing and Digital route you could be:
  • IT Technician
  • IT Consultant
  • Software Developer
  • Website Designer
  • Programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital Marketer

Higher Education Courses
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“The tutors are great here and really supportive and know their stuff.  I’ve had a great time on this course up to date.”

Jack Dowell
Level 3 Computing

Jack, 18, from Sheffield was a previous Winterhill High School pupil who enjoyed school and came away with good grades in his GCSEs.

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