GCSE English and Maths Grades Update

07 April 2020

Thank you for being patient with us while we have waited for updated information from the Department of Education and Ofqual, the regulatory body for tests, assessments and exams across England, on how your GCSE English and/or Maths grades will be awarded.


This information has now been received and we can confirm the following:

  • Your tutors are in the process of compiling evidence to give exam boards the grade you are most likely to have achieved if you had sat your exam in the summer
  • In order to do this, your tutors will review various pieces of evidence, including: reviews and information about the progress you have made on your course; classwork; in-class assessments; mock exams and if appropriate your previous grades
  • You will not be set any additional GCSE English/Maths work to complete to support the above evidence
  • We will provide activities that will help you to develop your practical English and Mathematical skills further if you wish to do so, but these are optional and will not count towards your grade. Please refer to your individual Google Classrooms for updates on skills development work.
  • Tutors are not allowed to share any of the grade information with you, you will receive your results in the summer, however, we are awaiting confirmation of the date.
  • You will be able to appeal, or potentially sit your GCSE English and/or mathematics exam in the Autumn of 2020 if you are unhappy with your results


Please see the guidance on the GCSE flier and continue to monitor our student portal, social channels and website for additional information.


Best wishes and stay safe, stay home and stay smart.

Tracey-Mace Ackroyd, Deputy CEO/Principal

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