You’ll be able to study in local proximity to your home

Without accumulating the extensive tuition and accommodation fees usually associated with moving away to university; due to our competitively priced courses.

You’ll be on first name terms

You’ll work in small groups, with daily access to your tutors in and out of class. Support and guidance are readily available, allowing your skills and knowledge to flourish.

Your education doesn’t end when your class finishes

Use our superb specialist facilities in between your classes, access resources and expert learning support in our libraries, and course materials on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

You’ll be able to choose from an expanding selection of courses

Each year we are adding more and more subjects to our list of courses which provides you with a wider selection of choice and helps you achieve your chosen career direction.

You’ll make connections that count

Our courses are hard-wired into the local economy. You’ll meet employers and businesses, and gain exposure to real experiences which will help you get on in your career.

You’ll have us behind you

We enable our students to succeed: gaining skills, knowledge and readiness for the next step in their life and career. Don’t settle for anywhere that does less.