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Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture

“During my Apprenticeship, I figured out that I want to work in digital marketing in the future. The digital aspect appealed to me because I could see a tangible impact on the growth of business, by working with tools such as Google Analytics and social media platforms.”

Chloe Marriot
Chole Marriot Business Administrator Apprenticeship
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Start an exciting career in Animal Care and Land-based Industries

The land-based sector is ideal for those who enjoy working outside in physically demanding settings or have a passion for caring for animals.

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Average salary - £20,800*

Farmers grow crops and raise farm animals.

Day-to-day tasks:

Set budgets and production targets, make sure the farm follows health and safety regulations, feed and check the health of animals, harvest crops, maintain farm equipment and keep financial and stock records.**

Working environments:

A farm or in an office.

*Information from EMSI 2022 **Information from

Landscape Gardener

Average salary - £19,800*

Landscape Gardeners cultivate flowers, trees, shrubs and other plants, to improve the appearance of terrain and cut-and-lay turf.

Day-to-day tasks:

Discuss clients’ needs and advise them how to maintain their space, work from plans made by designers, order supplies, turf and seed lawns, plant and prune trees and shrubs and install paving.**

Working environments:

In a garden, at a client’s business, at a client’s home or at a garden centre.

*Information from EMSI 2022 **Information from

In-demand skills that commonly appear in job descriptions for roles within the animal care and land-based sector include*:

  • Communication
  • Enthusiasm
  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Detail Orientated

*Information from EMSI 2022
**Information from

What our students say

“One of the best things about college is that you get to meet like-minded people - everyone studying on your course is interested in the same sort of stuff and often have similar motivations.”

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Emily Puk Level 3 Countryside Management Former student at Wingfield Academy

“I’m doing this for myself, to improve my skills and so I have better opportunities. To anyone who thinks they’re too old to study I would say: it’s never too late to chase your dreams.”

Magdalena Marnowska Functional Skills in Maths and English

“I enjoy being in a working environment in the college restaurant and serving customers”

Anonymous Level 2 Food and Beverage Services Former student at Winterhill School

Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture

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