In June 2016 Rotherham College’s students celebrated their success at the Student Award Ceremonies. Maleka, age 20, was especially pleased to discover she had won the Maltby Lions Club Award for Student of the Year.

Maltby Lions representative Pat Harker attended the Land-based Award Ceremony at the Dinnington Campus Heart Space to present the certificate to Maleka in front of her tutors, friends and family as well as a £200 prize to assist with her studies.

The Lions Award has been presented to a student from Rotherham College each year for the last five years, the tutors nominate students anonymously and the one who deserves it the most is chosen for the award.

“Animals are my thing, my favourite part of my course was working with aquatics. I hope to continue my studies and become an Animal Technician.”

Maleka Dexter
Animal Care

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Saturday 29 June
10.00am – 12.00pm